Crystal and Mom
It’s hard to believe that my beautiful daughter, who has brought me such joy, is joining the ranks of teenagers today.  As a matter of a fact, at this time 13 years ago I was undergoing a C-section and was only minutes away from seeing my daughter for the first time.  I remember being terrified when the doctor swept me into surgery.  I had had a friend who had told me her C-section horror story and since then I had been adamant that I would not have to be cut open.  Unfortunately my daughter had other plans.
To celebrate her thirteenth year of life I’d like to share with you thirteen things I love about her.
  1. Her sense of humor. We laugh a lot in our household.  Sometimes because of me, but more often because of her.
  2. Her sense of loyalty. She is fiercely loyal to her friends and family.
  3. Her sensitivity. She feels things deeply and while sometimes this makes life a little harder for her, in the end I think it makes her life so much richer.
  4. Her love of reading. I never thought the day would come that she would prefer a book over almost anything else.  Her complete disregard for reading and books in general in her younger years had me frustrated and symied.  As a person who loves books and has always been such an avid reader, a daughter who did not share my love for books was disappointing.  Now I just hope she doesn’t buy so many books I can’t get in the door.
  5. Her creativity. She lucked out and got my mom’s genes when it comes to creativity.  Music and art come naturally to her.  Sadly, I missed out on this gene.  Darn DNA.
  6. Her love of animals. I swore for a long time that she would be a veterinarian.
  7. Her laughter. She’s a big laugher.  I mean loud.  Sometimes she startles me, but most of the time I love it.  Sometimes I have a “mom” moment when she laughs.
  8. Her independence. Okay.  This is going to sound conceited, but it’s true.  When she was very young my daughter was so beautiful that people would just stop in their tracks to gawk.  They would also be very friendly, touch her head and face.  This made her very shy at a very young age.  She was what I call a “skirt-puller.”  It says a lot about her then, that she is no longer a skirt-puller but an independent young lady who is able to speak up for herself and others.  I not only love that about her, but I’m very proud of her.
  9. Her sassiness. I tell you, that girl’s got attitude.  Sometimes in a good way, sometimes not so good. She could qualify as a Sassy McSasserson.
  10. Her graciousness. Adults love this child.  I mean, I get compliments all the time about how great she is and there was once upon a time when her social life was way more active than mine.
  11. Her love of knowledge. I can’t count the times I’ve walked into the room and she has some Animal Planet or Discovery Channel show on instead of what normal children watch.  I blame it on her grandfather.
  12. Her eyes. They are my eyes, only better.  A brighter blue with eyelashes to die for.  One might think I was jealous.
  13. Those moments when she’s still a child. Those moments when I get a spontaneous hug, or she wants me to tuck her in bed. Those moments where my heart stops in my chest and just feels.

Happy Birthday Crystal.  I love you more with each passing day.