Meet George

I recently participated in a tea towel swap on Craftster.  My partner asked for Yeti’s to be the focus of the towels.  Man. You should have been in my brain when I read that.


…was just one thing I thought during the beginning of the creative process. I searched high and low for something to spark my creativity and was really having a difficult time of it. I mean, I found a bunch of stuff. There’s no lacking for Yeti/Big Foot/Sasquatch stuff out there. Much of it very cutesy, gorey, ferocious…but that’s just not what I was looking for. I wanted something different.  Something that would just make me go…OH. You know?

I finally found it. A picture of Big Foot in a suit. I swear you never know when or why those creative synapses are going to fire!  My partner received today and so now I can post my pictures. All three are done on 100% cotton tea towels. Two of them were embellished after stitching using watercolor paints. The third one is embellished with acrylic felt.

George Sasquatch

Big Foot Xing

The Yeti

As is the norm, you can find more pictures on my Flickr.


Monsters and Things

I mentioned before that I was working on making monsters for my niece and nephew from their drawings.  Well, I’m still working on the monster for my nephew, but the one for my niece is finished so I thought I’d post it.  I’m learning ALOT about how to put things together by doing this.  It’s a great exercise AND the kids love the one monster I’ve made so far!

It’s funny because I wasn’t sure if my niece liked her monster, but the day after I gave it to her she came back to me with more monsters to make!! I swear they have a list of things for me to make for them.  Not just monsters. It’s great and helps me to continue to be creative on a daily basis.

I’m only posting the original drawing and a full body picture of the monster.  If you’re interested in seeing more detail please check out my Flickr! photostream.

Original drawing

Monster in real life

I’m also posting the last ATC that I was unable to post before because it had not been received.  Unfortunately it STILL has not been received and I had to make a new card.  I’ve completed the new card and hope to mail it tomorrow.  I can’t post the new card yet but I hope you’ll appreciate the one that was lost.

New ATC cards

All during the time I was packing to move and since moving I worked on five ATCs for swaps on Craftster.  Three for the Alphabet Swap (we’re doing STU this time around) and two for a Love/Hate Valentine Swap.  Unfortunately the move made my cards late, which made it so I’ve been sitting on pictures for a while now.  This is my third Alphabet ATC swap and my first subject-based ATC swap and I was very happy with how everything turned out.  I received some great cards and was able to turn out some pretty good cards as well.  Of course, I’m always excited to do swaps!

The cards for the Love/Hate ATC swap were my favorites overall.  Coming up with the subject of my cards was kind of stumping me.  I had a couple of pages with different potential cards…until I went to Walgreens and decided to pop into the card section.  That’s when I saw the phrase, “You will always be in my heart” at the top of a card..and that’s all I could see.  Immediately I had this image pop into my head and in the end I went with it.  I love it!  The other card came naturally from the first, and if you put them together, they almost make a whole picture.  I think I might want to try this method again.

On to the cards….

A close up of the robot in his heart.

The card “You will always be a part of me”

Now I can only post two of the three Alphabet Swap cards as one still has yet to be received.  So I give you…

S is for Snob

U is for Unibrow

All of the cards are embroidered and color tinted.

If you haven’t ever checked out the Craftster swaps, you really should check out these two swaps I was in.  Some beautiful work there.

Love/Hate ATC Swap

Alphabet STU Swap

Once the cards were done I felt a bit adrift with no pending embroidery projects, so I decided to start on something new.  I’ve been wanting to learn how to create softies myself and decided to create an exercise for myself.  I asked my niece and nephew to draw monsters for me so that I could make them.  At first my nephew did not want to participate but once he understood that I was going to MAKE what they drew, he was all in!

It’s been interesting to work interactively with the kids to make their creations come to life.  I’ve made it easy by using just felt to create the monsters; but I’m finding that this exercise helps me considerably to build my skills in practical sewing.

So far I’ve completed one monster and am beginning work on the second, more complicated monster my nephew came up with.  Once I’m done with that one I’ll post pictures.  Wish me luck!


My mom was suppose to bring my daughter and dog down this week, but unfortunately she came down with pneumonia. Now I’m worried about my mom and missing my daughter at the same time.  I guess I seem okay on the outside, but I think I cry every night before I go to sleep. She might be 13, but she’s one of my best friends and I miss her.

Two weeks and I’m finally done getting my resume together and am ready to apply for jobs in earnest. Oh what fun.  Cross your fingers for me.

I finally finished the ATCs I was working on before I moved. Two Valentine themed ones and three more from the Alphabet series. Once they’ve been received I’ll be sure to post. I also did some creative work on items that I want to create to sell. I’ve sketched out about 20 or so pins that could work out. Just need to get the felt and beads. Hopefully you’ll be seeing those soon.

I’ve also finally paid some attention to my Facebook account. I joined originally for my Toontown group. (We have a group there for members to keep in contact.) The last weekend alone I’ve connected with more than 20 old friends from high school and the Marines. Many in the Silicon Valley who I intend on being in closer contact with. Shoot. I was even invited to a party next month! This helped push my brother over the edge and make up an account of his own. Very cool.

Well. It’s late and I’d like to start getting up earlier. I’ve been such a slug lately. Wish me luck!

Settling In

Moving is done, but moving into a new place is a longer process than actually moving. And while moving in where there is already a functioning household might take less time to get your “stuff” where it’s ultimately going to be, fitting yourself into that household is a sometimes painful process on both ends of the deal. Thus is it here.

We’re all trying really hard. But this isn’t like moving in with a stranger, or even a boyfriend really. It’s a lifetime of history that gets in the way sometimes. We are all trying really hard. I said that already, didn’t I? Right. We ARE trying really hard. Really really hard. And it hasn’t been a week. Someone save me.

My daughter is doing well, the cat is doing well, but my poor puppy Sophie is having a hard time adjusting.  Which is strange considering she’s been up at my Mom’s on vacay’s since she was a puppy.  Misbehaving and staying up half the night, Mom has threatened to kill her. Poor Sophie.  I miss her.  I miss my daughter too.  I wasn’t sure how much I would miss her, but she’s like one of my best friends and I’m used to being able to talk to her everyday.  The phone is just no comparison.  I get to see her next weekend though.  Yay!

I’m trying to get in the creative groove of things again. I’m trying to work on some projects but unfortunately their place is lacking in lighting. Hopefully my mom remembers to bring the extra lights I had to send with her because we just didn’t have room. I could really use them.

I was able to get in touch with a handful of old friends this week. A couple of which have connections in the field I’m interested in right now. Cross your fingers.

Weird coincidence or Fate?? The day before I actually moved I found an ad for the job I left when I moved four years ago. {play Twilight Zone music} Yes.  I will be applying for that job.  I’d be crazy not to in this market.

Well, I’d better sign off for now.  I have embroidering to do! Ciao!

Etch-A-Sketch Ornament

The Etch-A-Sketch ornament I did for the ornament swap at has been getting a lot of attention since it was sent and then posted on Craftster and Flickr.  It’s been blogged about in several places from what I understand.  A couple of places I know it’s been posted are:  Craftzine, Crafty Crafty, Pimp Stitch and ThreadBanger. All very cool places to have your stuff posted.

It’s also been twittered, wisted, and Favorited on Flickr several times. All of this is awesome. I’m so happy that it turned out so well and that others believe it is worthy of their notice.

But last week I came across a contest over at Living Creatively.  It was their monthly contest and this month’s theme was handmade Christmas ornaments.  I decided, “what the heck!” and entered the Etch-A-Sketch ornament on a whim.

Well, today it was announced that IT WON*doing the Snoopy dance*

The Etch-A-Sketch ornament is featured on their website and I won a bit of money too. Very cool.

Someone pinch me.

So, if you didn’t already realize it, this was the exciting news of the day.  Hope you’re having as nice of a day as I am!

I Got It!

happy dance

I went out yesterday to get my sewing machine and I love it! It’s not the cheapest model and it’s not the most expensive model, but gosh darn it I love it!

Bonus? My daughter loves it too! She’s already pulled it out twice to practice using it and has planned a simple gift to make for my mom on it for Christmas.  This is an unexpected but wonderful bonus for me.  I’d love for us to learn this craft together.

I’m a happy girl today and tomorrow I get to post my great news! Double Snoopy dance.