Dear Parents,


Part of our jobs as parents is getting our children through hard times.  Everything from a scraped knee to the kids teasing them at school. Of course, it’s never easy for us as parents.  When our children hurt, we hurt.  We feel that knee burn as if it were our own and..if we can find that strength within us, we can be the strength they need.  We do them a disservice when we don’t give them our strength to lean on.

Remember this.  Because there will be those times that you will wonder how you can possibly watch them be in pain. You can’t possibly take one more tear before you go railing off into the night to attack whatever it was that hurt them. Don’t.

I know it’s hard.  You want to scream into the night, run straight over to the other parents who have to be responsible for their child being such a monster to inflict such pain upon your child. Again, don’t.

Find it within yourself to help your child find the path that will not only get them through this hurt, but make them stronger.  Sometimes all that entails is teaching them that blowing on the scraped knee can help ease the pain. Sometimes you have to just be there for them to lean on as they learn to get hurt and then move past it. 

How hard is it to explain to your child that you can’t make people change?  You can give them advice, but you can’t make them take it.  And sometimes…sometimes you have to just accept that they are going to make a bad decision, and then hope that they learn something from it. A lesson every single parent learns very, very well.

So parents, be the strength for your child in those times of hurt. Show them how to be strong, so that they may learn from it.  And then, those times when you mess up, give yourself some slack. You deserve that too.



Poetry That Inspires

One of the first ways I found to express myself creatively was by writing bad poetry as a child and while I’ve found that I’m not TRULY a poet and never will be, that I enjoy poetry.  A while back, when I was still living in Fresno, I found a wonderful poem on the Big Yellow Farmhouse.  For a while it became my mantra.  I would read it out loud to myself every day to remind myself that it’s not always dark and doom and gloom.  Originally I thought the poet’s name was Douglas Matlock and could not find any information on him.  I finally got smart and did a web search for the first two lines of the poem and found that the poet was actually Douglas Malloch (1877 -1938).  I also was able to find several other poems by him that I find just as inspiring that I’ll be posting every couple of days to share with you.

I’m thinking about embroidering this poem with an intricate border to give to family members this Christmas.  I also found one that I would like to embroider for my brother for his birthday or Father’s Day to help keep him inspired.  Do you have a poem that inspires you?  A poet that is consistently your favorite?  Please share.

You Have To Believe

You have to believe in happiness,
Or happiness never comes.
I know that a bird chirps nonetheless,
When all he finds is crumbs.

You have to believe the buds will blow,
Believe in the grass in days of snow.
That’s the reason a bird can sing-
On his darkest day, he believes in Spring

You have to believe in happiness,
It isn’t an outward thing.
The Spring never makes the song, I guess,
As much the song the Spring.

Aye, many a heart could find content,
If it saw the joy on the road it went;
The joy ahead when it had to grieve,
For the joy is there – but you have to believe.

Monsters and Things

I mentioned before that I was working on making monsters for my niece and nephew from their drawings.  Well, I’m still working on the monster for my nephew, but the one for my niece is finished so I thought I’d post it.  I’m learning ALOT about how to put things together by doing this.  It’s a great exercise AND the kids love the one monster I’ve made so far!

It’s funny because I wasn’t sure if my niece liked her monster, but the day after I gave it to her she came back to me with more monsters to make!! I swear they have a list of things for me to make for them.  Not just monsters. It’s great and helps me to continue to be creative on a daily basis.

I’m only posting the original drawing and a full body picture of the monster.  If you’re interested in seeing more detail please check out my Flickr! photostream.

Original drawing

Monster in real life

I’m also posting the last ATC that I was unable to post before because it had not been received.  Unfortunately it STILL has not been received and I had to make a new card.  I’ve completed the new card and hope to mail it tomorrow.  I can’t post the new card yet but I hope you’ll appreciate the one that was lost.


My mom was suppose to bring my daughter and dog down this week, but unfortunately she came down with pneumonia. Now I’m worried about my mom and missing my daughter at the same time.  I guess I seem okay on the outside, but I think I cry every night before I go to sleep. She might be 13, but she’s one of my best friends and I miss her.

Two weeks and I’m finally done getting my resume together and am ready to apply for jobs in earnest. Oh what fun.  Cross your fingers for me.

I finally finished the ATCs I was working on before I moved. Two Valentine themed ones and three more from the Alphabet series. Once they’ve been received I’ll be sure to post. I also did some creative work on items that I want to create to sell. I’ve sketched out about 20 or so pins that could work out. Just need to get the felt and beads. Hopefully you’ll be seeing those soon.

I’ve also finally paid some attention to my Facebook account. I joined originally for my Toontown group. (We have a group there for members to keep in contact.) The last weekend alone I’ve connected with more than 20 old friends from high school and the Marines. Many in the Silicon Valley who I intend on being in closer contact with. Shoot. I was even invited to a party next month! This helped push my brother over the edge and make up an account of his own. Very cool.

Well. It’s late and I’d like to start getting up earlier. I’ve been such a slug lately. Wish me luck!

I Got It!

happy dance

I went out yesterday to get my sewing machine and I love it! It’s not the cheapest model and it’s not the most expensive model, but gosh darn it I love it!

Bonus? My daughter loves it too! She’s already pulled it out twice to practice using it and has planned a simple gift to make for my mom on it for Christmas.  This is an unexpected but wonderful bonus for me.  I’d love for us to learn this craft together.

I’m a happy girl today and tomorrow I get to post my great news! Double Snoopy dance.

Crafty Update

I’ve finished stitching two out of three ATCs and I must say that I’m absolutely in LOVE with the second one. My Q card is stunning if I do say so myself.  I wish I could keep it and stare at it for days really.  I had to go out and get the color red embroidery thread for the third card, and since I only have the last card hooped, I’m going to pick out some pictures to stitch for xmas ornaments.  I already picked out one picture from the Hoop Love Flicker group for one of the ornaments for one of my ornament swap partners.

Since I’ve decided on the other ornament I need to figure out the dimensions so I can make a pattern and then cut it out and embroider it.  I have another week after this one but I really would like to get this done since I’ve decided to embroider several ornaments and tea towels for family and friends for Christmas.

I’m even designing some items for my brother and sister-in-law based on an online game we all play.  I’m making some tea towels to go in their kitchen.  They don’t really have a theme, but they LOVE this game so I know they’ll appreciate them.

I really love embroidering while I’m watching TV, so it really works out nicely.


Crystal and Mom
It’s hard to believe that my beautiful daughter, who has brought me such joy, is joining the ranks of teenagers today.  As a matter of a fact, at this time 13 years ago I was undergoing a C-section and was only minutes away from seeing my daughter for the first time.  I remember being terrified when the doctor swept me into surgery.  I had had a friend who had told me her C-section horror story and since then I had been adamant that I would not have to be cut open.  Unfortunately my daughter had other plans.
To celebrate her thirteenth year of life I’d like to share with you thirteen things I love about her.
  1. Her sense of humor. We laugh a lot in our household.  Sometimes because of me, but more often because of her.
  2. Her sense of loyalty. She is fiercely loyal to her friends and family.
  3. Her sensitivity. She feels things deeply and while sometimes this makes life a little harder for her, in the end I think it makes her life so much richer.
  4. Her love of reading. I never thought the day would come that she would prefer a book over almost anything else.  Her complete disregard for reading and books in general in her younger years had me frustrated and symied.  As a person who loves books and has always been such an avid reader, a daughter who did not share my love for books was disappointing.  Now I just hope she doesn’t buy so many books I can’t get in the door.
  5. Her creativity. She lucked out and got my mom’s genes when it comes to creativity.  Music and art come naturally to her.  Sadly, I missed out on this gene.  Darn DNA.
  6. Her love of animals. I swore for a long time that she would be a veterinarian.
  7. Her laughter. She’s a big laugher.  I mean loud.  Sometimes she startles me, but most of the time I love it.  Sometimes I have a “mom” moment when she laughs.
  8. Her independence. Okay.  This is going to sound conceited, but it’s true.  When she was very young my daughter was so beautiful that people would just stop in their tracks to gawk.  They would also be very friendly, touch her head and face.  This made her very shy at a very young age.  She was what I call a “skirt-puller.”  It says a lot about her then, that she is no longer a skirt-puller but an independent young lady who is able to speak up for herself and others.  I not only love that about her, but I’m very proud of her.
  9. Her sassiness. I tell you, that girl’s got attitude.  Sometimes in a good way, sometimes not so good. She could qualify as a Sassy McSasserson.
  10. Her graciousness. Adults love this child.  I mean, I get compliments all the time about how great she is and there was once upon a time when her social life was way more active than mine.
  11. Her love of knowledge. I can’t count the times I’ve walked into the room and she has some Animal Planet or Discovery Channel show on instead of what normal children watch.  I blame it on her grandfather.
  12. Her eyes. They are my eyes, only better.  A brighter blue with eyelashes to die for.  One might think I was jealous.
  13. Those moments when she’s still a child. Those moments when I get a spontaneous hug, or she wants me to tuck her in bed. Those moments where my heart stops in my chest and just feels.

Happy Birthday Crystal.  I love you more with each passing day.