Dear Parents,


Part of our jobs as parents is getting our children through hard times.  Everything from a scraped knee to the kids teasing them at school. Of course, it’s never easy for us as parents.  When our children hurt, we hurt.  We feel that knee burn as if it were our own and..if we can find that strength within us, we can be the strength they need.  We do them a disservice when we don’t give them our strength to lean on.

Remember this.  Because there will be those times that you will wonder how you can possibly watch them be in pain. You can’t possibly take one more tear before you go railing off into the night to attack whatever it was that hurt them. Don’t.

I know it’s hard.  You want to scream into the night, run straight over to the other parents who have to be responsible for their child being such a monster to inflict such pain upon your child. Again, don’t.

Find it within yourself to help your child find the path that will not only get them through this hurt, but make them stronger.  Sometimes all that entails is teaching them that blowing on the scraped knee can help ease the pain. Sometimes you have to just be there for them to lean on as they learn to get hurt and then move past it. 

How hard is it to explain to your child that you can’t make people change?  You can give them advice, but you can’t make them take it.  And sometimes…sometimes you have to just accept that they are going to make a bad decision, and then hope that they learn something from it. A lesson every single parent learns very, very well.

So parents, be the strength for your child in those times of hurt. Show them how to be strong, so that they may learn from it.  And then, those times when you mess up, give yourself some slack. You deserve that too.