The Good And The Bad

I’m about half way done with my R card for the ATC alphabet swap and already in love with it.  I’ll give you a hint.  He’s naked! *shock*

I was able to do a paper mock up of one of the ornaments I’m putting together for a swap, while making a template of one of the others and designing the embroidery portion.  I also got my patterns ready for several other ornaments I’m making for Christmas.  That was the good part.

Unfortunately, I’ll have to get even more ready to whip up because I just found out that I’m out of a job after this week.  *sigh*  I’ve been in a very good temporary job while I was looking for/applying for other jobs and they gave me notice today.  So now I’ll either need to find a holiday job or another temporary job somewhere else.  Days like this makes my brain want to implode.

I’ll be sad to leave this job.  The people are really nice and the work wasn’t too stressful (most of the time).  I’m still applying for jobs here, but the hiring process takes so long that it could be months before anything else comes along.  So it’s some retail gig for the holidays probably.  Although it’s so late in the season who knows if I can find anything.

Okay.  I’m officially done whining about it.  I’m looking forward to more time stitching things up for the holidays, tidying up the house and…did I just say I was looking forward to tidying up the house?

Good lord someone help me now.  I’m turning domestic.