Wet Tshirt Contest In The ER

[Originally posted to my blog ‘Point of Tears’ on Jun 30, 2005.]

Feels like forever. Been sick and just miserable. Of course, I’ve been sick for almost three weeks now. I finally broke down and went to the emergency room when part of my face went numb. Yes, numb. I thought it was just an anomaly, but after it lasted three days I thought maybe it might be of concern. Sooo, on Sunday I went into the ER. With possible neurological problems, I was shunted to the front of the line and seen pretty quickly. Of course, just because someone sees you right away doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to be the first patient out the door.


During the exam, the doctor found one of my ears impacted with wax.

Warning! Possible gross out factors pending! Proceed at your own risk!

He decided he couldn’t see anything and decided to have a nurse flush out my ear. Let me tell you folks. Do NOT rush out and have your ears flushed by a nurse (or anyone else!). It is NOT the exciting, wonderful experience people make it out to be. Nope. No sir-ee-bob. Nuh-uh.

Imagine a long, small, hard tube attached to a syringe inserted far into the ear and then having the nurse quickly press the syringe to shoot saline deep into your ear cavity.

Yuck and ouch.

Now in the end a huge gunk of wax was washed out of my ear, and the doctor was so relieved, (and frazzled from the busy ER), to have one of my many symptoms taken care of that he sent me home without addressing any of my other concerns.

Yes yes. I should have mentioned this to him of course. Unfortunately I was so relieved to be released out of there after over six hours of being soaked to the bone with saline, and having the yuckiness of having my ear flushed . . that I didn’t think of it either. (No. We never did figure out why a third of my face was numb.)

Still miserable, I went to work on Monday (skipped class), skipped work (and class) on Tuesday and went to Urgent Care Tuesday afternoon. This time I got a no-nonsense, old school doctor who asked me what was wrong, checked a couple things, looked at my chart. . . and told me to take some antibiotics, a decongestent, tylenol, and get some freakin’ rest! Did I need a note for work? No problem.

So today I slept. The Brat is up at the lake with the family, and I’m free to sleep my freakin’ head off. Feelin’ a little better today. Hopefully sleeping in tomorrow and more antibiotics will see me feeling even better.

Hope everyone is doing well and has a great 4th of July. Don’t know if I’ll be writing again tomorrow or Friday.

Oh! I took my first Stats test today. Can we say, “Group tests rock!”?

And Belladonna? Sympathy is requested in leiu of smart assed nurse remarks. Try a simple, “poor baby.” Or maybe a, “sorry to hear you’re not feeling well, get better soon!”

NOTE: Any mistakes in typing, grammar, spelling, etc are the fault of the medicine.


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