The Graduation

[Originally posted to my blog ‘Point of Tears’ on May 31, 2005.]

First off, I was seriously lapse in not posting something about Memorial Day. Normally I’m the one sending a serious email to “All Users” at work, reminding them of the real reason they get a three day weekend in May. I didn’t even send that! [insert shocked smiley here]

So someone slap me. I would use all the hubbub going on here as an excuse, but I hate excuses.

Graduation was great! The President read my story but as if *he* were reading it about me rather than the first person way I wrote it. Of course, being the smart ass joker he is, he had to mention what a thorn in his side I am. And of course, that made my family love him. I do believe my father and step-father sat in the audience nodding when he said that. Either that or they laughed hysterically. ~sigh~ I hear that the Brat got very excited when he read my story as well. I don’t think I told her he was going to do that.

There were actually a lot of faculty members who didn’t realize I was graduating, so there was a whole crew of them cheering loudly for me when they heard my name, craned their head around to catch my eye during the ceremony, and mauled me in the processional out the door.

There was much hugging as I went up to get my diploma. Waiting in line the President’s Asst hugged me until I was out of breath, and the Board’s Asst hugged me tightly as well. (She was the President’s Asst when I first came on board.) A couple ladies from Financial Aide hugged me just before I reached the dias, and as I stopped to wait for my name to be called the Fin Aide Director pulled me down for a hug, and the VP of Instruction dragged me to my feet to give me a hug just as my name was called and then I had a short reprieve, (as I waved to the rest of those sitting on the dias (I knew most of them)), until the President pulled me in for a big bear hug.

So, when I get a chance to post pictures later, please excuse me if I looked a little rumpled. I don’t think there was more than a couple of minutes at a time that I wasn’t pulled in for a hug by ~someone~. But boy, you could feel the love. The pride. I had never realized . . . ~shaking head~ You never realize the impact you have on people on a day to day basis. You just never know.

But I saw a little bit of that on Friday and it was humbling.

Well, I’m signing off for now. I’m hungry. I’ll be back either later tonight or tomorrow. Hope everyone had a good long weekend!



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