The Facination Of Stats

[Originally posted to my blog ‘Point of Tears’ on Feb 15, 2005.]

Every once in a while I take the time to look at my stats page. It helps to look at this to determine if there is anything I need to do to keep those ugly spammers from flooding my comments again, and it’s fun preen to see so many passing through (ya right).

But what’s the most fun about my Stats page?

Checking out the key phrases that were used on search engines to bring random people to my site.

So what’s the most common? Easy. Although why you would put a website url into a search engine to find it is beyond me. There are also some fairly normal phrases used to find me that make sense. Like “Live to the point of tears,” which is actually the quote from Albert Camus that I used to create the *feel* for this place. What is really interesting are some of the more. . .colorful phrases used to find me.

Top five most interesting phrases used in search engines to find my blog:

Number 5 – rate my boob (do I talk about my boobs THAT much?!?)
Number 4 – meatball coloring paper (oooo-KAAAAAY)
Number 3 – vaginal birth pictures (Note to self: No more talking about my vagina online)
Number 2 – the urge to just look into your eyes and say i was sorry would make a normal person fall to the ground in tears but what you gave me will always keep me strong (am I *really* that sappy???)
And the Number 1 interesting phrase used to locate my journal. . .cherie pummel (Now I know I have a tendency to piss people off but COME ON PEOPLE!!!)

Oh, and after checking out the most common single words used to find me here I have determined that either I swear too much or I have an obsession with sex. Take you’re pick.


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