WTF Over?!?!

[Originally posted to my blog ‘Point of Tears’ on Jun 21, 2005.]

The moon must be full or something. Gotta be. Cause otherwise the following IM conversation would have never happened.

Note: IM handles and names have been changed.

crazyman:: hello Ms. Fate

fate:: Hello.

crazyman:: i am nick from san jose – 42 submissive male

fate:: nice to meetcha nick

crazyman:: and You as well

crazyman:: may i ask if You are Dominant or Domme curious by chance?

fate:: Uhhhmmm, is there a particular reason you might think I am?

crazyman:: i was just hopeful

crazyman:: i am seeking a Domme to serve

fate:: ah. Well, I’m not in the market for a sub right now really.

crazyman:: not even a partially trained, periodic massage sub/slave?

fate:: Nope. Just a tad busy with too many life transitions right now. But thanks and good luck!

crazyman:: You are most very welcome – if You ever change Your mind please look me up. i am low maintenance sub/slave and i have been partially trained by two Dommes longer term.

crazyman:: Have a wonderful evening Ms. Fate

fate:: You too Nick. Good luck with your search for a Domm

crazyman:: thank You Ms. Fate

Now folks, I know that I’ve mentioned that is has before been suggested that I might make a good Domm, but this guy came completely out of left field! Number one he wasn’t even IMing my main profile, but one of my subprofiles that I used for Yahoo Groups. There’s no picture, no wordy description of myself . . there’s just nothing! Weird.

What’s even weirder though, is that there was another guy on IM yesterday who popped up and IMed me outta the blue; and promptly made himself so unwelcome that I put him on Ignore. Nothing obscene mind you. He was politely inquisitive. I just politely told him I wasn’t interested, and he insisted that I explain why. And I politely explained to him that I had no idea who he is and thus I had no obligation to answer. Of course, he decided that he’d then turn into my nine year old when she wants to be annoying by playing the “Why Game” with me.

What’s the “Why Game?” Most parents can tell you what that is. It’s when someone decides to be annoying by answering everything you have to say with a “Why” question. It’s not a logical game. There is no winning for you, (unless you just cut them off with a threat of grounding them, but even that doesn’t work sometimes), and it quickly becomes irritating. Bad enough when your nine year old is just trying to get Mom’s goat; doubly so when it’s some guy on IM who thinks that I owe him some kind of answer.

I’m not a newbie to IM people. I was on IM when IM was IRC. I was on IM when it was really chat. And I was on chat when you had to refresh the page just to see what everyone else said! I was on IM when IRQ first came out. And then I was on almost every single IM setup as it came out. From ICQ to MSN to Yahoo to AIM!

I used to be a chatoholic and met lots of people that way. Shoot! I just heard from someone I used to chat with regularly over five years ago recently! I got “married” in chat to a Troll and a Lady . . AT THE SAME TIME! I’ve flamed and been flamed. I’ve talked dirty with someone I’ve never met in the middle of a busy chatroom, while bantering with five other people at the same time.

I’ve traveled across the United States and only stayed at the houses of people that I had never met before in real life until I pulled up to their house to stay a week . . . or two. Including a Lady and a Troll who wanted me to stay and live with them.

If there is a way to talk via the internet, more than likely I’ve tried it. I believe in the power of those 1s and 0s passing a zillion miles an hour through the wires to connect us all. I believe we *can* be connected by those 1s and 0s.

I’ve come up against the disbelief of people who’ve never tried it, and connected with those who have. I stay connected via IM to friends and family; and some people who I’ve never met in person, but have this wonderful connection with nonetheless.



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