[Originally posted to my blog ‘Point of Tears’ on Mar 2, 2006. Please note that original links did not translate.]

In the midst of job hunting I ran across an ad for a ‘blog for cash’ site called RagingDad.com; and whilst perusing that site for a bit I ran across another site called WritingUp. More blogging for money. Old news I know. What’s the big deal? With more and more companies hiring people or adding on the task to an in- house employee’s job description to be the blogger’s voice for their company; and sites like ProBlogger catering to those of us out here in the blogosphere who are using our blogs to make money it’s surely becoming a mainstream idea. Right?

I mean, I even consider myself a passing acquaintance to a couple of people who are using their blogs to, at the very least, offset the cost of running their blog. How can I blame them? I know what money I’ve put into my blog to change over from LJ to LPOT. It wasn’t chump change, I can tell you that. Still isn’t considering I just put money out to have this place revamped, my daughter’s blogger site fancied up, and am considering putting money down to host another blog featuring the local dog park so I can get off the free site I’m using now, (among other things).

What’s my problem then? Am I becoming a blog snob? One of those people who believe that blogging really should be a higher calling? I know why I originally started blogging. A wonderful friend of mine was tired of listening to my blathering and told me to start a LJ. So I did. It was amazingly cathartic. An amazing release of emotion.

It also gave me an audience. Is it a secret that most human beings secretly want an audience? Of course, an audience is not always the best of things to have . . . dependent upon what you’re putting out there for your audience to read. How many bloggers out there went from being totally public with their posts and allowing of commenting to having a completely private blog or disallowing comments because of aforementioned audience? And even if you keep your blog public and deal with any negative aspects of the ‘audience,’ having a blog doesn’t always mean you get to say what you really want to say. Regardless of any private commenters or negative feedback you might receive, there could be other consequences to the things you decide to post on your blog.

Take for instance my prior post about my SIL and the many problems I had with her. Since then I’ve been told that she checks in on my blog regularly. So, I guess that’s one topic off my roster yah? Heh.

And once again, even after discounting the minor or major family squabbles that blogging indiscrimately can create, we then move on to blogging and the law. Seeing as blogging still seems to be in a bit of a boom, (I still have family members and friends who look confused when I mention my blog. “Your what??”), it’s not surprising that Blogging Law is an up and coming field. I mean, ask Dooce how important developing Blogging Law is if you don’t know what I’m talking about. If anyone has turned around a bad blogging situation, she has. With aces if you ask me.**

Going back to the original topic of making money through blogging . . . I know I’m not the first blogger to stop and go hmmmm . . . How could I be? I mean, I know for me there’s the rankling idea of ads being everywhere. Where does it stop? With people not only putting up ads on their blogs, but also starting blogs to advertise their product/site/store/business . . . how soon before we just can’t tell the difference between a blog and . . . an adblog?

So now this is turning into a bit of a rant. And I might need to shut my mouth because . . . who knows? Maybe someday I won’t be a lowly insect. Maybe someday I’ll be a Playful Primate or even a Higher Being! Yah. Right.

Okay. I think I’ll stop before I bury myself in hypocrisy. I’m off folks!



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