I Give Good Stitch

Apparently I give good stitch ya’ll.  I am a great fan of Mr X Stitch, his work and his blog.  Not only does Jamie do some great needlework, his blog features some of the most amazing stitchers I’ve seen.  I love checking out his blog everyday and perusing older entries. So imagine how surprised I was to find a message in my Flickr mailbox from Mr X Stitch asking for a copy of my “X is for Xavier” ATC card to use TODAY on his blog!

Someone knock me over with a feather ya’ll.

My other two ATCs have been recieved and posted as well.

W is for Wahine is hand-stitched on cotton with a watercolor background.

V is for Vacuous has Miss Paris Hilton modeling for me.  She is hand-stitched and colored with pencils.

Now I’m working on designs for three cards for a fabric ATC swap, hoping to finalize those designs and start stitching over the weekend because crunch time is coming.  I’m also finalizing designs for a tea towel swap I’m participating on as well.  In between designing those I have some ideas I’m playing with based off of inspiration from a local magazine I love to pick up to read. Time to do some sketching.

I have a hard time doing sketching because I find my sketches to be so…juvenille.  Juvenille in the sense of being child-like…very elementary.  I’m working to get past that.


2 thoughts on “I Give Good Stitch

  1. Victoria says:

    OH YOU SNEAK!! You’re over here in blogland making AWESOME atcs!!! Those pencil & stitch girlies are WONderful! I love your dimensions and characterization — in a sea of stick figures, they are fresh air! Take care — victoria

  2. urban craft says:

    I love your stitch work, also that cool etch a sketch and the house that is your icon on flickr. Awesome!

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