Indie versus Big Business

It’s the recent news out there in crafting blogland that the artisian Rosar Pomar, who hails from Portugal and makes wonderful softies (among other things), has been blatantly ripped off by the company Oilily. I’ve always liked Oilily’s children products and am truly disappointed by this turn of events.  Disappointed and outraged that they would so blatantly rip off someone and expect to get away with it!  Keep your eyes out at your favorite crafting blogs to see if there is something that you might be able to do to protest.  At the very least you might shoot off an email to Oilily to let them know of your displeasure.  You can email them at:


One thought on “Indie versus Big Business

  1. Sasha says:

    Ugh, I HATE it when that happens. I’m not sure if anyone would believe me or not, but Martha herself has ripped me off a time or two. Some ideas that I posted on my blog came back to me a month later as her “idea of the day” and the photography was even identical… blatant.

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