The Library

I have been getting a great deal of use out of the local library here.  I’m usually the sort to buy books and hoarde them, but lack of money kind of puts a damper on that.  It’s been years since I went into the library and came out with a stack of books that almost blocks my view, but that’s what I did this week.  One of the books I took back though, was a superb book on embroidery.  It’s an older book, but I would highly recommend it.  Faces and Figures in Embroidery by Valerie Harding goes over several different techniques used over the milennia that embroidery has been used.  She show historical pieces and (in 1979) contemporary pieces of embroidery showing figures and faces.  The history is facinating and the techniques she suggests for incorporating faces and figures in embroidery will be useful in my own work.  Even though this book is older, I highly suggest checking it out from your local library or even picking up a copy via Amazon or eBay.

I’m still working on the second monster and planning out the next round of ATC cards for the Alphabet swap on Craftster.  I’ll need to pin down my subjects soon as I’ll be spending a couple of days next week over at my mom’s house at the lake visiting my daughter.  I’m taking the train for the first time and dragging along my young nephew.  Woo hoo I’m excited!


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