The Handmade Pledge

In the process of finding a job I’m finding that it’s time to update my business wardrobe.  Since having my children and the wicked mistress called time changed my body in such wonderful ways I’ve hated shopping for clothes. (There is such truth in the proverb “youth is wasted on the young” since there’s nothing more that I’d like than to have my body from 15 years ago.)

On a recent shopping trip with my daughter and mom I found a suit that I absolutely love that I hope to get in the next week or so.  While shopping one of the things that we looked at was jewelry to accessorize my new wardrobe and I was just shocked at the prices.  $30 for a crap piece of jewelry a 1000 other people are going to have AND I’m not really in love with? Pfft!  I think not.  So, during a jaunt through my morning clicks across the web I found a couple of pieces that a truly adored AND found them at least $10 cheaper than buying them in the store!

It was like a lightbulb went off in my head.  So.  I’ve always loved handmade things.  Heck, I’m pretty good at making handmade things myself.  And while I can’t necessarily buy handmade for everthing I purchase, I can surely at least look first at those handmade shops I know about. I just might find that piece I just can’t live without.

To convince you to the handmade way, take a look at some retail shops that carry fashion jewelry where you might pick up a piece.  And then compare their wares with the wonderful pieces I’ve picked to pontentially grace my new wardrobe.

1. Red ACAI Necklace by JustineJustine

2. Nouveau Earrings – Vintage Brass and Sterling by Bijoutiful

3. Caffe Latte Rose and Pearl Necklace by The Silver Dog Jewelry

4. Cupped Red Padlock Earrings by Down To The Wire Designs

5. Hibernation Pendant by blockpartypress

6. Poppy Necklace by blockpartypress

7. Sandra Necklace by chocolatecake123

8. Copper Crystal Pendant by ShySiren

9. Charlotte Necklace by MDSparks

Hopefully, if you’ve never been to Etsy before, I’ve now given you a new addiction! Cha!


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