My mom was suppose to bring my daughter and dog down this week, but unfortunately she came down with pneumonia. Now I’m worried about my mom and missing my daughter at the same time.  I guess I seem okay on the outside, but I think I cry every night before I go to sleep. She might be 13, but she’s one of my best friends and I miss her.

Two weeks and I’m finally done getting my resume together and am ready to apply for jobs in earnest. Oh what fun.  Cross your fingers for me.

I finally finished the ATCs I was working on before I moved. Two Valentine themed ones and three more from the Alphabet series. Once they’ve been received I’ll be sure to post. I also did some creative work on items that I want to create to sell. I’ve sketched out about 20 or so pins that could work out. Just need to get the felt and beads. Hopefully you’ll be seeing those soon.

I’ve also finally paid some attention to my Facebook account. I joined originally for my Toontown group. (We have a group there for members to keep in contact.) The last weekend alone I’ve connected with more than 20 old friends from high school and the Marines. Many in the Silicon Valley who I intend on being in closer contact with. Shoot. I was even invited to a party next month! This helped push my brother over the edge and make up an account of his own. Very cool.

Well. It’s late and I’d like to start getting up earlier. I’ve been such a slug lately. Wish me luck!


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