Wandering Amongst The Blogs

A year or more ago I had a wonderful blog.  It wasn’t about crafts or creativity, just me and my life.  It was funny, irreverent and had a decent following.  Along with writing a blog comes reading others.  I watched many wonderful blogs of people who became more than just words on a screen.  I was a lucky slob.

Unfortunately my run of bad luck kept me from renewing the web address and that loss was a blow that kept me away from the blogging world for quite a while. As is the way of the blogosphere, many blogs I followed have gone away, others have had Life do as it did to me and they no longer post.

That, along with my change in focus, leads me to start over with my blogroll.  Luckily, that includes one of my favorite pastimes – wandering amongst the blogs in the garden of the blogosphere.  I usually start from one blog that I know and use that blogroll to go from one blog to another blog to another, and so on.  Usually I can find the most eclectic and interesting blogs using this method.  It’s always a great ride.  I hope, once I’m done, you enjoy my ride.

See? My lucky tea towel are already working in my favor!  😉


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