New Year’s Promise

Recent years have not been kind to me.  No need to go through it all line by line, but I have struggled on many fronts for what seems a neverending time span.  Luckily we humans have an interesting tradition of marking off time and giving ourselves the opportunity every 365 days to start fresh.

The new year gives each of us the promise of beginning anew.  Of course, this is deceptive because we each maintain the ability to do this at any time.  We always have the ability to adjust our personal outlook and move forward.  Shedding the past so it’s merely a ghost, not baggage to weigh us down.

So, after the frenzy of Christmas crafting dies down I am realigning my personal outlook in, I think, a unique way.  I’ve decided to create an embroidery piece to help me focus on the things that are important. Maybe it seems a bit silly.  I mean, embroidering  something won’t change everything; but I think that the entire process will help me to focus on moving forward versus the negativity that surrounds me so much.

I’ve begun to design the piece.  So far thinking on the themes that I want present and looking up quotes and images I would like to incorporate. I want to spend several days working on pulling all of the pieces together and imagining how it should look.  I’m even looking forward to creating the piece.  I’ve found such joy and peace in creating my embroidery pieces so far that I think this will bring me to new heights.

Overall I think it’s the promise the piece holds for me.  A new year’s promise.

Next  up:  I was busy while I was gone.  Keep your eyes peeled for posts showing off what I’ve been doing while I was away.  I hope your holidays went well and you’re looking forward to this new year.


One thought on “New Year’s Promise

  1. Tracey says:

    Hi fatewineroses, I found you through my Flickr group Tinted Linens. Your blog is great! keep up the great work and you do have a talent for writing. I also enjoyed your Toontown towels. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

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