Continuing Creativity

Camera case – back view, originally uploaded by FateWineRoses.

I purchased a camera recently to replace one I sold a while back and was just carrying it bare in my purse. Last time I was up at my mom’s she complained that I wasn’t using a case. So, as a break from making Christmas gifts I created this camera cover. It’s not really a case, because all it holds is my camera.

But I love it just the same. The inside is a turquoise colored felt, which is covered in a cotton/poly blend and embroidered. The embroidery was inspired by the Flickr member apple & eve ( If you have not encountered her before, you will be in for a treat!

I made some ornaments I made inspired by her designs that I’ll post later. Made to give to some office mates and my daughter’s best friend’s mother.

I also will have some exciting news to post on Monday. Yay!


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