A-sewing I Will Go


When I was in high school I took the then obligatory Home Ec class..reluctantly. I enjoyed the cooking, (mmm, food!) but everything else was sort of a bust for me. Especially sewing on a machine. I was the kid who, after working hard to decipher the pattern for the little bag we were making, took my project up to the teacher only to have her looking at me with sad eyes and shaking her head at my ineptitude.  After that, I rarely sat down at a sewing machine again for fear of absolute failure.

But in my search of the creative, in my need to find a creative outlet, I’m finding that many of the projects that I want to attempt require at least the basic knowledge of using a sewing machine, along with the need to actually have a sewing machine on hand.

Aaand we go back to my fear of the sewing machine. My mother has a sewing machine. It’s an old Singer that weighs a ton but does a great job on most everything my mom wants or needs to do.  I’ve used it a couple of times over the years and every single time my mom has had to save me from my own inability. It’s been a humiliating thing.  Which is why I want my own machine.  So I can mess up in living room with no one around to see but the dog, the cat and the hamster.  The fish would see, but he’s always hiding.

And I’m ready.  I’m ready to conquer my fears of messing up. To try my best to learn a new skill.

A-Sewing I will go indeed.

To show I’m not completely incompetent I’ll share with you today a crocheted trivet I made for my ornament swap.  I hope you like it.


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