Camera Goodness

While I’ve still been working on my swap projects, I took a few moments to hover over the keyboard for a down and dirty bidding war over at eBay for a new digital camera.  I was lucky enough to get a Canon PowerShot SD630.  A used camera, but it’s an upgrade from my last digital camera.  And especially an upgrade from NO camera!


I will be SO happy when it finally arrives!

I’m also happy that I completed my ATC cards for my swap and mailed them upon their way.  I was so very happy with how they turned out that I was seriously reluctant to part with them.  I also started on my extras for my ornament swap.  Some cute crocheted trivets in Christmas colors.  I made some for my mom last year and she really loved them.  They’re pretty easy to work up and are wonderful when you want to set a hot pot down on the table or counter.  Great for buffet-style dinners with the family.

Unfortunately it’s not all white snow and glitter.  On Tuesday I found out that I’d been let go from my job.  It was a temporary position and the decision was based upon the budget issues here in California; but that doesn’t make the decision they made any less devastating for me and my dd.  Before working for this company I’d been out of work for a long while, so there’s really no money in the bank.  I was freaking out the first day, but now I’m breathing a little better.

I’ll be filing for unemployment and I’ll continue to apply for jobs.  Actually, I never stopped applying for positions while I was in this one.  That will continue.  Once I took a big deep breath (that lasted about a day) I figured that this will give me ample time to get my swap ornaments done and get started on some Christmas gifts.


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