Crafty Update

I’ve finished stitching two out of three ATCs and I must say that I’m absolutely in LOVE with the second one. My Q card is stunning if I do say so myself.  I wish I could keep it and stare at it for days really.  I had to go out and get the color red embroidery thread for the third card, and since I only have the last card hooped, I’m going to pick out some pictures to stitch for xmas ornaments.  I already picked out one picture from the Hoop Love Flicker group for one of the ornaments for one of my ornament swap partners.

Since I’ve decided on the other ornament I need to figure out the dimensions so I can make a pattern and then cut it out and embroider it.  I have another week after this one but I really would like to get this done since I’ve decided to embroider several ornaments and tea towels for family and friends for Christmas.

I’m even designing some items for my brother and sister-in-law based on an online game we all play.  I’m making some tea towels to go in their kitchen.  They don’t really have a theme, but they LOVE this game so I know they’ll appreciate them.

I really love embroidering while I’m watching TV, so it really works out nicely.


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